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: Site Update: New Servers and Software Coming Soon!

05-24-2003, 12:23 PM
With the creation of this new forum, the idea is to keep the community up to date and informed with what is happening with the site. Here goes the first update....

We are currently finalizing a deal to upgrade the hardware that the site runs on. (As a side note, the servers also run our sister site, The new hardware will enable us to make some long anticipated enhancements to the site. For any techies in the crowd, the server specs are as follows:

Dual 2.4 Intel Xenon Processors
3x36GB 10K SCSI Hard Drives with RAID 5
Redundant Power Supplies
Redundant Network Interface Cards

There will be 3 total servers in that configuration acting as 2 dedicated web servers and 1 dedicated database server.

As mentioned, in addition to hardware upgrades, we will also be looking at implementing the newest version of the forum software as soon as it becomes available. This new software includes a slew of new features that will make viewing and reading easier for all members. There are no promises from the software company on the release but it has been primed for release for some time now and will hopefully be in the next two weeks.

We are working hard to improve the site and the features that are available to members. Most of those changes will not be implemented until the new servers are in place and we finish some of the new sections of the site for users. Stick with us and we promise that you will not be disappointed with what will be released :thumbup:

Thanks for making one of your homes on the Internet, we appreciate your support and hope to see you here for a long time to come!

-- The Team