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: Fixit day this Saturday, Capital District NY

08-13-2008, 01:59 PM
Hey anyone who is interested we are getting together this Saturday(any time) at my house in Amsterdam, NY. I have tools and shop equipment, buffer, orbital, shopvac etc. available as well as camera etc for anyone who wants some nice shots of their car. I also have a number of Girlfriend/Significant other entertaining devices such as 2 kids(4 and 6), Wii, PS2, sunny deck, nearby mall, and TONS of movies.

Anyone interested in Treking out I do have a spare bedroom and lots of places to sack out.(note I have a dog and 2 cats for people to which that matters)

I have a nice grill and will cook up some burgers and whatnot for lunch and or dinner. Plus bring your own beer(I have some but not a ton) and a few bucks to defer food costs.

At this point we will be doing some M52 engine gaskets, some fender liners, windshield seal, some seat repairs, some washing and detailing and will probably work in a little drive just for fun. I can also try to get parts if anyone needs something from the dealer let me know.

If you are interested in coming please PM me for directions and details.

Sorry for the short notice.