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: vanos problem with s50 engine

08-19-2008, 07:26 AM
Hello all,

First off all I am brand new on the board here. I drive an Estoril blue, 3.2 liter E36 M3sedan/limousine from 1997. I live and work in The Haghue in the Netherlands.
Offcourse I love my car the most, only not at the moment.....:thumbdwn:

I heard that a common problem with my type of vanos is that after a while, one or more bolts could brake from the cover of the highpressure side from the vanos. In my case that happend so my solenoids came a bit loose and so the oil came out very quik. I was 100 meters from home when it happend so I was lucky. I just lost 4 liters off brand new oil..............

I went to my local dealer and bought a new set of o-rings and demontated the solenoids, removed the old o-rings, cleaned the solenoids and mounted the new o-rings. I putted sometalkpowder on the new o-rings. ( by TIS )

I mounted averything back only without the specialtool to aim the solenoids. I dont know whats the word in English but in Dutch it says "mal". So I placed them back "on the eye".
Now when I start my engine it doesnt run good anymore when in idle. The engine is shaking and stottering. When I give a bit gas everything is normal. Does anyone knows what kind of problem I have, and what can I do wrong with replacing the solenoids?


newbie Vin_Ka

08-19-2008, 08:59 AM
Have you had the codes pulled? New solenoids come with a plastic tool to "line them up", but I think you can get it right without the tool.

Maybe you got oil in the idle control valve? You can rtake it off and try to clean it....or replace it, but that part is very expensive for what it is (like US$300).

08-19-2008, 12:11 PM
Problem solved.... Today I went back under the hood and saw something interesting. I saw the connection from the solenoids from chamber 1 hang a bit weird. When I touched it it fell down..... I think the connection came loose when I mounted the black cover underneith the vanos.

Anyway Bruce thankyou 4 helping out!