View Full Version : BMW 1999 M3 E36 Convertible 6 CD Changer 82111469404

08-22-2008, 07:58 PM
HELP! :cry:
The magazine does not eject from the player. This happened 2 years ago and after much patience was able to eject magazine (a CD was out of place). Unfortunately, now it will not eject - it has been 2 weeks. The magazine has 6 CD in place. When I open the door and press the blue eject button - it goes through the motion (read that as the eject sound) but does not eject. When this occurrence happened 2 weeks ago, the LCD read that "there is no CD", know the LCD message reads "no magazine". Do I need to remove the entire unit? I'd appreciate any feedback if anyone has encountered this problem. Thanks, Pat
SPECS: BMW 1999 M3 E36 Convertible 6 CD Changer part #82111469404