: 83' E21 Newb

08-23-2008, 12:19 AM
Hello, this is the third Bimmer forum I've joined, im new to Bavarian and the E21. Im trying to gain as much knowledge as possible about my car and its history. I see alot of post that involve some of the same issues that I have with my car so I figured maybe I can list some of the faults my car has and you guys can throw out some ideas and resolutions.

Blinkers dont work
Hazard switch is stuck
Only one head light comes on (all four work fine when Hi-beams on though)
Oil leak,(I can see it but dont know what to call it so I took a pic)
Rough idle at start and I have give a little gas to smooth her out
Steering wheel shakes while braking (coming to a light from around 45mph). I believe I need new rotors so this isn't to much of an issue
o2 sensor light stays on
I cant find the dip stick for the tranny.., (is there one?)
Consoles are completely loose

Overall the engines runs good, and the shifts are pretty smooth. I paid only $500 for her and she has 188k miles. Tomorrow I'm going to get it checked over, I dont have a garage (apartment) and they do not alow us to do maintenance on our cars here:rolleyes:, and I also dont have any tools because I just moved here from MI.

My plans are to:

Stiffen the suspension, Blistein Sport shocks
lowering springs perhaps
Drag's DR-20s in black with machined lip, 15x7s
205 tires haven't decided yet
Rear seat delete
Corbeau Forza seats and Corbeau rail adapters
Battery relocater/rear strut tower brace
K&N cold air intake/pipe
Front & rear bumper delete, perhaps euro bumpers or Zender kit
Repaint orig. color maybe brighter
Momo steering wheel and hub adapter
Glass bead/blasted Valve cover then powder coated
Window tint
Replace center console (AC, Radio and shifter area) because they are cracked in the screw areas.
Fresh new engine if I acquire some space to swap.
New clutch kit if space and tools are acquired.

What I've done so far

M Series shift knob (the one that came with the car was a piec of plastic $H*t)

Of course this all will be done after the necessary maintenance and repairs have been taken care of. I wish there were more options availabe when it comes to performance upgrading. Turbo charging the M10 seems abit expensive and requires much fabricating. The M20 swap seems awesome but for the price I can acquire a whole E30. So basically the intentions are updating the suspension, interior, exterior etc while keeping the factory power.., unless anyone has other ideas they can share.

Anyone have possible solutions for the problems? Perhaps ideas for the future.

PS: Pics coming soon.

08-23-2008, 12:40 PM
I'm also new to the 320i. I found an '83 with only 75k miles. It needs some help, but I have found an answer to the hazard light question.

http://www.bmwe21.net/hazard.htm (http://www.bmwe21.net/hazard.htm)

08-24-2008, 04:52 AM
Fixing the hazard light switch is likely to fix the blinkers. Also since you may not be familiar with the E21, note that there is a single lamp in the dash that flashes for both left and right turns. Unusual, but the way it was designed.

Rough idle at start might be "they all do it". Mine did (I sold mine several years ago, but was the original owner of an 83.) After a tune up, it would idle nicely for about a month or two, then back to the usual. Once running for about a minute, it was fine.

O2 light is set to come on every 60,000 miles (or is it 30,000?) There's a reset switch somewhere, I never could find it. Back in the day, they really believed that the sensors needed to be replaced at regular intervals. I just unplugged the wires to the light -- easy access from inside the glove box. This also disconnected the seat belt light. Both of these lights were in such an odd place -- above the glove box, right in front of the passenger. Obviously stuff added for the US not required anywhere else.