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: M3 E36 Misc ideas

08-26-2008, 06:41 PM
I finally got under my new used M3 and noticed a few items to comment on:

Forgive my lack of knowledge:

1. There is a linkage dropping straight down from the top of the shock to a bar that links to the opposite side; that boot is cracked about 1/3 of the way around on my car. Would you just lube it up now and then with some good grease or I suppose the real pros would replace the part; for such a small joint maybe a little silicon would do the trick to tie down the edge of the grease boot, it is still in place.

2. I have some looseness under one side of the car where the lower corner of the front end mates with the front bottom of the fender cover and on the other side I have cracks around the screw for the fender cover. Plastic from a heat gun could solve these problems to satisfaction and other plastic problems under the car perhaps, is this feasible.

3. Out of curiosity does the stock M3 come with bilstein shocks.

Thanks for your help and wow what a nice car, I have 90,000 on my 1995 Cosmo Black and intend to keep it a garage queen until I get ahead of the minor care issues. I plan to still put maybe 5,000 per year on the baby and will switch it out to synthetic. The previous owner was fussy and gave me alot of records and did inner.outer tie rods a whole set of hoses, steering I think and other quality work. I love the feel from 75-90 when you punch it.

08-26-2008, 07:43 PM
1. that bar is called the sway bar. a cracked link it not a big deal, but easily replaced.
2. never heard of anybody using a heat gun to fix anything like that. a new cover isn't expensive or a hard fix
3. no, sshocks are made by Boge.

make sure the cooling and suspension issues have been addressed on any E36