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: 94' 520 vs 525

09-10-2008, 12:30 AM
Greetings all.
I'm new, so please forgive if there is info in the forum on this topic.
I am stationed in Germany and recently bought a 94 european 520 Touring E class.
Parts here are expensive, on most things. I think the 525 was only sold to the US market, the 520 here. Parts suppliers in the US seem to carry parts for the 525, not the 520.
Between the two models, are most parts interchangeable except for motor? Example, If I buy a trailer hitch for a 525, will it fit my 520?



bimmer dot info
09-10-2008, 07:02 AM
The 520 never came to the US. Thats why you cant find parts. I thought they sold the 525 in Germany.
The e34 was basically unchanged for it's entire production run (minor bracket changes in the engine bay and such). The hitch will fit. If you need a way to look up parts interchange try Realoem.com

09-10-2008, 09:07 AM
While Europe was given a large selection of engine choices and combination's, the North American market was more limited. While North America received only the 525i, 525i Touring, 535i, 530i, 530i Touring, 540i, and the M5, the European market also got the E34 518i, 520i, 6-cylinder 530i, diesel 525td/s, 525iX, M5 touring and 540i Touring. The cars were also available earlier in Europe than in America.
The prices over here include the taxes, so If you get yourself a VAT form (North American personnel do not have to pay taxes while stationed in Europe) you can save 19% off the price listed. I'm stationed here in Geilenkirchen and the BMW master mechanic that I use here can probably get you any parts you need.