: AC won't take freon...need help now!!

09-17-2008, 11:09 AM
A friend of mine is putting freon in my 525i and wants to know which side is the low side suction to the AC? I know I worded this wrong but give me a break, I can saddle a horse but can't change a tire!!!

09-17-2008, 11:34 AM
usually the low side hose is larger...it is between the compressor and the firewall..

attack eagle
09-18-2008, 11:53 AM
does he HAVE freon and freon hoses?
not r134a?

09-19-2008, 06:04 PM
The low/suction side is always the larger diameter piping because it carries gas not liquid. The fitting are also different so as to be foolproof.