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: seat is sideways

09-18-2008, 06:03 PM
The drivers side seat on my 93 525, is going sideways. the left upper is starting to turn towards the back window. very uncomfortable and looks like a piece of crap. what should i do? help. :cry:

09-18-2008, 06:05 PM
please help

09-18-2008, 07:55 PM

welcome to the sucks driving in a twisted seat:mad:

09-18-2008, 09:46 PM
Like 2win showed, lots of great info on seat repair. In many cases the seat frame is simply bent from the previous owner being a leaner (the infamous Gangsta Lean). The Gangsta syndrome can be repaired by a good Auto interior shop but it may cost about the same as replacing the seat with a used one from ebay or a junk yard. Provided your leather is in good shape you can find a junk yard or ebay seat no problem. look for one that is torn up But with a good frame and you can get it for a song and just swap the upholstery. or you could luck out and find a great deal on some really clean seats at a steel.

After some time searching on line I was able to find a front set of heated memory seats in outstanding shape for two hundred. ya never know.

Taking the mechanics of a set apart is no easy job especially when trying to safeguarding the leather while you work on it. So if you have never done it before and are planning on doing it yourself, be very careful and do lots of research before hand.

09-18-2008, 10:22 PM
Thanks for getting back

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09-20-2008, 12:42 PM
Had the same problem, but solved it with a used seat from a 7 series I got off Craigslist for 20 bucks. They are virtually identical in the critical "innards" parts. One thing about the twisted upper seatback. This piece is simply a rectangular frame of what appears to be light steel construction. Once I had it COMPLETELY apart, it's was easy to hand shape the back into...well...shape. The critical thing is the alignment of the two upright splines off the seat bottom. Get those fixed and you should be able to hand straighten the top part. This is not a "if it will fail" fault, it's more of a "when it will fail" fault...and I guess it's your turn. Welcome to the club. Gangsta look...never heard that expression, but I'm stealing it.