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: WTF is going on with my battery????

09-20-2008, 09:27 AM
Ok, so my battery died and I finally got the car started to open the doors and get to it. I find a pretty good mess. BTW, car is a german spec 1991 525i

First picture: Wire coming off of positive terminal.

Second picture: These two wires are coming out from somewhere else in the vehicle. The red one has an end that matches up with the red coming off the pos terminal in the previous picture and the black wire looks like it should have been connected to the negative battery terminal

Third picture: Here is a closeup of the black wire. The end is busted, but should it be connected to the negative battery terminal?

4th and final: The two red wires can connect together but seems like there should be a fuse or a spring or something to make the conncetion tight. The connect with like a 1/4 turn, but the connection is very loose.

All these wires are exactly the way I found them when I removed the back seat and prior to removing the battery. Only aftermarket electronic on the car is an aftermarket stereo. Can someone decipher all this and tell me if I need to connect some of these?


attack eagle
09-20-2008, 02:15 PM
best guess:
someone had a cheap amp or a power inverter at some point, and that red wire with the fuse holder and brown wire are the leads to it.
they have those cheap crimp connectors on em. unplug and get rid of them.

the other wires are stock.