: ok, new car. gotta do the essentials!

10-04-2008, 09:03 PM
just picked her up. 94 525i with 186k on it. 5-speed price was 2400

keep in mind i have already started sifting threw the facts pages so just put a no comment if you think its a real common problem/solution.


0- everything seems to be in order as far as the interior goes except for one thing. dont think it should be a recurring problem but it seems to be a common. sometimes the lights for parts of the dash dont come on . more specifically, the lights for the climate control dials. it seems completely random but the turned off once then they turned back on for no reason at all it seems. anyone else shere this problem?
Other than that, the interior is completely mint.

1- paint is in great shape aside for a few small scratches and mini rust circles that dont seems to tough to get rid off. however, the body does have one defect which is in the front bumper. there is a substantial crack in the drivers side bumper beneath the trim. this crack is not repairable. since the two pieces are completely separated, i believe this whole bumper is going to have to be replaced.
2- also there is sap on the paint, so when i wash the car, how can i get it off the finish safely? i know there is clay brick stuff that i use, but i forget the name.
3- as far as the couple rust spots go, what should i do? i was thinking i could section those parts off with tape, sand them, and use touch up paint with a finish. these spots are really small so i think this would be best. however, i dont know what paint i should use. is there a resource for factory touch up paints? ill post pics so you all know exactly what i mean.
4- one last thing with the exterior is the moldings/trim pieces. many of them seem to be starting to fall off. advice on this?

engine/ drivetrain.

5- the engine seems to run smooth, but i was told to replace the 02 sensor so he included it with the sale. i was actually suprized to see the quality of this sensor. is it a wideband sensor? i only see 4 wires though. i heard that sensors in these cars great change there performance. any predictions??
6- what kind of oil should i use?? i heard that a diesel oil should be used. odd....i want to change it now to keep steady records.
7- coolant- regular green with distilled water ok? i was told the radiator and coolant system is new so i wont worry about it right just yet.
8- how are the thermostats on these cars? on my fc rx7 they were pretty much ****.
9- fuel- any recomendations? i put 93 in for the ride home just to be safe.
10- are the starters reliable?
11- what does a full tune up include for this car and what is the best place to get the parts FOR the tune up?
12- tranny- IMPORTANT- one of the only problems i noticed while actually driving th car is the tranny. when i shift in to 2,3,4 there seems to be a very noticable buzzing noise from directly below the shifter. now this is ONLY in 2,3,and 4. and ONLY when i accelerate, NOT when my foot is off the gas or the clutch disengaged. any thoughts for where to start looking? i thought i would check oil levels. what do you think?
13- the only other problem that i could notice was a noise while turning to the right in the front right wheel. sounds like a scratching.

thanks for all your help! and i look forward to modifying once everything is in order

just to keep things simple, just put a the number for the information your commenting on. but im sure im preaching to the choir!

and pics will be added soon :thumbup:

10-05-2008, 05:29 AM
On the sap: do a search on sap in the detailing forum. Lots of ideas there. (I would start by soaking a rag and holding it on the sap to soften what you can and see what comes off first. Others have suggested mineral spirits, removes sap and wax). Clay works great for worked-in dirt and surface spots like bugs.

bimmer dot info
10-06-2008, 07:40 AM
0 - replace the bulbs. Could also be a loose connection.
1 - You might be able to find a place that can weld in some plastic. Hard to tell without seeing the damage.
2 - bug and tar remover or alcohol. Touchup the spot with wax after it is clean.
3 - need to see it.
4 - get new ones. Or wait till they fall off.
5 - If the car is not reporting the code dont bother changing it. Not a wideband sensor. It is just a heated sensor.
6 - Shell rotella 15W40 is good. Synthetic if you like.
7 - Buy the BMW coolant.
8 - They are not all that bad. Keep an eye on the temp gauge. These cars do not like overheating.
9 - 93 is fine.
10 - 196K+ and mine is still working. I think I might need to replace it (very minor hot start issue).
11 - Search for Inspection I and II. There are checklists out there.
12 - Start with replacing the wear parts in the shifter. Cant help any more without hearing it.
13 - Could be a wheel bearing.

I'd recomend taking the car to a mechanic you trust (preferably a BMW specialist) and have them inspect it and give you a list of the problems they found. You should be able to get it done for about $60 to $100.