: I need advice from BMW owners Delema!

10-06-2008, 04:01 PM
I bought a 1992 525i wagon, salvage title; I paid only 250 for the car, another 275 for the new windshield. The cost for doing a salvage title in NY is another 200.

I have an air bag code throw as "closed once" I found the problem, mice had chewed the wires it must have caused the problem, with the wires fixed though and even after clearing the codes it the light still stays on, not sure if I have more chewed wires or other problems. When I got the car a few months ago the air bag light was not. One of the few requirements that the New York inspection has is that if the air bags were deployed they have to have been repaired. Mine have not been deployed. I know that in 1992 the air bag was an option so I would think that if mine were taken out that it would not matter, the purpose of the inspection is to look for stolen parts. Any first hand experience here would be appreciated

Right now I don't have that much in the car and I could at least get my money back by parting it out. I did have a chance to put a few miles on the car using a friendís dealer plate and I do really like the car.

If I they do not pass the car because of the air bags my guess is the repair bill would be more than what I have in the car. I also lose the $200 to NY. Not sure what a 92 with a 172,000 miles is worth but I am wondering if I am better off parting out the car and looking for one with a clean title and spending the extra money on the cost of the replacement care verses sinking it into this one

Please add your 2 cents worth, in the past I would just parted the car out but for some reason I would like to keep it if I can justify it...Bob