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: Fixin leaks/oil/coolant etc

10-09-2008, 02:02 AM
Well guys ('n gals),
got myself a 92 525i,, pretty sweet deal if ya ask me, yet........ the leaks oh the freakin leaks. anyway wanted to share some insight on how I am handling them! First...Coolant..hmm seems like the coolant level check owners manual is pain in butt. got a new sensor (ie flush radiator etc). turns out that **** from Second...OIL..yes major leak three places..back to that later...the wiring ate away from the **** from the oil leak for the wiring which leads to the coolant Level sensor.. soooo new sensor (use crescent wrench its easier to get off, and have big bucket ready), fixed wiring, got new "pigtail" [the connector which attaches to the sensor], sprayed the ever livin bejesus out of the compartment with engine degreaser.....on to the OIL leak......three places...1. valve cover gasket.. this was not bad, have patience and a 10mm socket. get the grommets when you get new gasket!!! I then stripped the paint off mine completely, primered, baked, coated with hi-temp ceramic baked again. installed, looks perfect! no leak. 2. Oil Filter housing...YIKES!!!!!! this is a major operation!!! make sure you have lots of engine degreaser get BOTH gaskets!!! A.) the Block to housing and B.) the oil pressure sensor plate.....scrub scrub scrub scrub!!! P.S.. you dont have to remove the fan or housing to get the Alternator off.. just remove the alternator and the bolts (top two) holding the pwr steering pump in the filter housing bracket. Then remove the six bolts securing the oil filter housing to the block. and viola! you have a lifetime of oil and sludge buildup you can now get to to clean!! Note... as for the plumbing (air filter housing and hoses leading to Throttle body, givem a good wipe with a rag soaked in the engine degreaser, makes em look nice! anyway , I am new to the forum, just wanted to share some stuff I found while tryin to get this baby roadworthy for many trips to come! thanks again for listening hope it helped!:smokin:

The White Fox
10-15-2008, 06:27 PM
Good times!

Thanks for some good insight and tips