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: Auto transmission oil change 95 520i

10-09-2008, 03:06 AM
Have read somewhere that its possible to change the oil on auto box allegedly "sealed for life" auto transmission any ideas on oil type, best method, and results.

10-09-2008, 05:37 AM
Let me preface this statement by saying that I have not done it yet!
If you read through the forums posted here you will find many helpful discussions on this subject. I have a 95 540i and what I have found is that it is reccomended that the permanent fluid really needs to be changed every 50 thousand miles. I ordered everything I will need for the job from Bavarian Autosport,
They sell the package in kit form. I am sure you can find the same sort of thing on your side of the pond. Basicly you remove the pan and drain all of the fluid, clean the filter, replace the gaskets...etc. Replace everything in the reverse order that it came out and replace the pan bolts with new ones, (they were intended to be used once). Then add the new fluid with a hand pump, also sold as an option with the kit, into a location on the side of the transmission. I would reccomend strongly that you buy the Bentley Repair Manual for your model BMW.
Cheers, Mike

10-09-2008, 07:54 AM
In the US on my 95 525i made in 1/95 (with the GM trany-not sure what a euro 520i has) was not considered a sealed trany, I have my indy change mine (with pan removal and filter change) every 30,000 or so miles with Dexron III or better.

My last fill was with Castrol Dexron VI. I do not POWER flush, just drain, blow out trany cooler with air, install new filter and refill. I have it done bcause there is no dipstick and it is easier to do and check fluid levels with a level lift. Just a FYI.

12-31-2008, 11:06 AM
hi guys, there's a lot of ideas floating around about this and these no service no check transmissions on a few different forums as well as here,and there seems to be a lot of different types of transmissions as well!, all with the dreaded no dip stick thing being the common denominator. all the ideas seem helpful however i did ring the local bmw service department out here (australia) and actually just asked them the procedure and the type of oil to use, they gladly told me what i wanted to know and then they said they would do it for me for cost of parts and $160 an hour (au) labour!, i declined, of course,
the procedure with mine is this, drain the oil from the little drain plug at the front and then remove the pan after loosening the big plug at the rear, clean out the filter or replace it if you wish to, clean the 2 magnets and then put it all back on etc.
then you have to fill it through the rear hole until it runs out and then start it up, put it through the gears a couple of times while filling it still while running until it runs out again!, my experience is about 6 1/2 litres. Ive actually made a permanent filler tube with a working dip stick made from an e30 tube and stick and part of a saab flexible i had lying around, works great, anyway, my fluid was so disgusting that i've opted to do it 2or3 every few days, until the fluid colour becomes more presentable and then every service interval, i hope this helps you, let me know what you think-dave