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: m20 timing belt failure

10-14-2008, 11:13 PM
My old e34 525i m20 had trouble in the carpark. A sound like a belt flapping around occurred and we immediately pulled into a park and turned it off. Then she refused to start. The starter motor was turning OK. After I towed it home I pulled the distributor head off and watched as my wife turned the starter over. The rotor jerked a little bit but didn't turn.

Can I assume the timing belt is broken?
If it is, can I assume the engine is damaged (valves bent etc)?
Can I check anything to see if the engine is damaged before I go to the trouble of replacing the timing belt? (It's only a $2000 car so wouldn't be worth repairing the engine)

bimmer dot info
10-15-2008, 07:07 AM
A compression test will help give you an idea if it is broken.
I'm not 100% but I think the m20 is an interferance engine.