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: Are HIDs a good idea?

10-16-2008, 12:45 PM
Are retrofitted HIDs a good idea in our e34s even if we have projector lights with a sharp cutoff? Some lighting experts, such as Daniel Stern/Stein, feel that even with a sharp cutoff there is far too much scattering of light that dazzles other drivers.

The reason I ask is I just installed 55w, 4500k 9006s in my 95 525i from ddmtuning. I commute on two lane roads in all kinds of weather with cars to large tucks. I do not want to dazzle/blind people and potentially contribute to an accident. I have had a few drivers flash their lights, very few, which means I do need to check/adjust my headlight alignment.

Just kind of wondering if HIDs are the correct decision. That said, I can see much better!

10-16-2008, 04:09 PM
it all depends, the scatter of light would be created more because of the position where the gas is ignited compared to the position where the filament ifnites. if you can't to get as close as possible to it i say take off the hid light and set it side by side with the filament bulb and align where the ifnition takes place. if they are off (which almost 100% sure they will be) at the base then you need to add something or reduce a little from the hid so the ignition point is as close as possible. that will reduce dramatically the scatter of light from the lense. :thumbup: or retro some e-39's they are cheap or if you want to go even higher and better shield output get some s2k's with zkw lense :bigpimp: not bmw but shhhh noone will know :eeps: :angel: just admire :rofl: other then that going back to your post i say put your car in front of a wall about 25ft away and look at she cutoff see how bad it is and you be the judge.