View Full Version : Full interior Vovona trim Custom Painted your color choice

10-21-2008, 12:28 AM
Hey guys here is a full interior trim with the gear shift surround and the ash tray lid and the climate control face. I usually have four or five full kits because I do a lot of these once people see my interior they want it as well. I buy all the wood peices cracked or chipped and refab them, prime the and paint them any color the customer wants, in this one i through in the climate face and gear surround. in the pics you'll see a peice cracked that has not been refabbed, and a titanium silver peice. The steering wheel is from my car now its titanium silver with micro chrome flakes, my intire interior is painted like this. Sfor those of you that want to add a bit of color here is the set up for you pop yours out and pop the newly painted in. Any color bmw or other.

The headlight is another example of my work.