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: Parts Scammer

10-23-2008, 10:48 AM
Be weary of a guy calling himself Raymond Griffiths. (Actually the name of a dwarf actor).

He seems to cruse the higher end Auto forums looking to buy parts. Land Rover, BMW Etc. I am not sure what his scam is but you can smell it coming.

This is what he sent to a member on a Land Rover forum.

The letter he sent me was the same except he substituted "Rack, Ladder & A-Bar " for "Rims". He originally contacted me through the DTMPower BMW message boards. He obviously has multiple e-mail addresses. the two that I am aware of are

" "

Once I told him that I would only except payments via PayPal invoice, I never heard from him again (Not that I expected too).

So, just a heads up not to waist your time with this guy. And no, I never sent him my contact info. not even so much as a beeper number. LOL... :throw:

10-23-2008, 01:41 PM
As Father Jerimiah once opined to the sophomore class at St. Benedicts, "boys, a word to the wise is unnecessary".

Seems to be just another permutation on the Nigerian "You got 10 Million waiting here for you" scams. God help us when the Queens english is spoken correctly.

PayPal is usually the kiss of death in these things. Good heads up though.