: 95 M3 w/ 202K... yay or nay

10-26-2008, 02:46 AM
Found an amazing deal on a OBD1 95 M3. Ton of miles, 5spd original motor and tranny. Assume it had to have had regular maint otherwise it would not have lasted this long in this condition. What should I be leary of? I would like to make this a dedicated track car, yet it would remain street legal for aslong as possible.

10-26-2008, 08:22 PM
You might want to use the sticky at the begining of this section to help guide you in what to look at. For a car of this mileage I would love to see the maintenance records. If there are none then a good inspection would be good with focus on these areas:
rear subfloor inspection with a good flashlight
suspension condition
engine condition meaning compression test
would be nice to know when the water pump was changed too as it would be on its 3rd pump
If you track the car a lot of other things don't apply unless you must have all the electrical system working
95's of this vintage start to get those issues

Try the sticky and please post what documentation you can look at unless this is an auction car