Cali Love (e34)
11-07-2008, 11:32 AM
alright i have a few free minutes at work here to get this thread started...

ok first off let me start by saying i went into this project with limited knowledge about car audio, a fair understanding of electrical work/components, and nothing about bmws. Thanks to attack and dot info for their input on this subject too. I also used the bentley for things like removing driverside footwell speaker (involves removing pedal cluster) and the backseat.

1) i removed the stock radio by using an alan wrench on both sides of the stock unit.
2) i stared at the connections for a good while in the back of the stock unit and realized the 17 pin connector the stereo shop guy swore up and down it would work... didnt!
3) i took out the trunk paneling left and panel opposite side of the rear back seat. you will notice a little black hole there, from the inside of the pull down the armrest and the black covering, reach down and pull out the plug... for some reason i couldnt push it all the way through from the back you might be able too tho. then i removed the trim that was hiding the wires to the amp and left rear tail lights. i found two pin connectors a black and a white. Somewhere on this forum i found a pinout picture diagram for the white but my power tester showed me it was a little off probably cuz i have an earlier model e34. anyways i will be putting pictures in with diagrams similar to this.
4) remove the back seat bottom portion which your passangers sit on... they snap on and off.
5) on the passanger side of the car now remove the glove box and remove the black cover which supports the light... there are 2 screws down towards the back. this will save you a lot of time later on when fishing your speaker wire/rcas/antenna wire through...
6) Pull out on the tucked away carpet on the passanger side
7) from the empty hu area fish through 3 seperate sets of speaker wire (1 about 5 feet, 2 about 25 feeet, the rca cables, remote for your sub (if available) your ipod connection, AND the blue antenna wire.
8) once you have this pulled through to your glove box area go ahead and throw the black cover back over the wires, tuck the wires behind the door trim and through the carpet to the back seat, tape it off (or zip tie) in sections as you feel necessary.
9) On the black pinout in the trunk you will find a series of blue and yellow wires with another random color with it (ie blue cable with brown strip/ blue with white strip ect) these are your speaker wires (see pictures) the red is your power and the black is your ground (again see pictures as i am slightly color blind but i did have someone helping me lol) the white pinout the yellow cables with the random colors are also your speaker cables
10) your factory speakers are not intended to bang like you want them to (but actually you will be surprised) so powering them to your aftermarket 1000 watt amp is not needed. I used a kenwood ksw-wd250 200 watt amp/10"sub combo and it bumps.
11) you do not need to purchase a pre-amp kit either as well your bimmer already had a previous amp. Use the red to power your amp and black to ground it off of the black pin connector in the back... simply cut it and use GOLD PLATED BUTT CONNECTORS. basically your making your own plug and play connection

i will have pictures showing what i mean because i know i am not always the best at explaining things... the speakers you will use the speaker wires you pulled through to connect to the old ones... drawing the power from the headunit itself... most have an eq in the HU which is plenty to control your midrange speakers. fade the sound to the rear deck put the bass on 0 or 1, treb to the max and you will be happy... sorry if this is just repeating what others have said. the pictures should help for connection purposes(HU and trunk speakers)

if i mis stated anything feel free to correct me just thought i could help

11-08-2008, 07:32 AM
thanks veryy cool