View Full Version : Head Replacement - 95 M3 2.8L Head on a 94 2.5L

11-13-2008, 07:55 PM
alright kiddos.. here is a question I need some help with.

I cracked the head on my 94 525i, I found a freshly re-manufactured head from a 95 M3 with a 2.8L motor. I will be using my m50 Cams and Vanos. I have measured everything I can and it matches up nearly exactly with my old 525i head. The exception is one water whole up near the first Cylindar. The 95 M3 Head has it, my 525i m50 cracked head does not, HOWEVER - my Block actually has an open water port which coresponds to the newer head.

Long story short - Will the 95 M3 work with my 94 2.8L Block? (using my old cam and vanos)

Thanks all