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: New Engine Head? Will I get Scammed?

11-26-2008, 10:23 AM
Looking for a head replacement. I'm afraid of going to a specialty shop because then I'll get pulled into spend more for the head then for a new engine! Obviously I'll get better service, a guarantee, and good advice but... how do I keep from getting scammed? What should I know about pricing and parts before I show up?! Any help or advice would be helpful!

Also, Though I've mentioned this in other posts here it is again:
Generally Speaking; How much labor will go into replacing a head on a BMW 525i 1990?!
This is for an inexperienced College Student.
I'd rather not discuss whether its worthwhile so lets focus on Cost and time. If you do have any thoughts on the head vs engine replacement, please share!

Thanks for your help!
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11-26-2008, 10:28 PM
I cracked my head about two years ago. tried to do it cheap and ordered one from an online junkyard relesser. It was worse than they one cracked. They would not give me credit until I paid to have it pressure tested and the pressure test sent in to prove it was cracked. It had a crack where mine was and the machine shop said that they could fix it. Bottom line I bought a cheap head for $800 that I couldn't use but they were able to repair my cracked head and it cost me a little over $1500 for that repair. That was two years and 40,000 miles ago. I loved the car and I felt the cost of the repair was worth it.