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Joe Dirt
11-29-2008, 01:14 PM
Well as stated earlier this no start problem happened suddenly, luckily in our driveway, and the vehicle gave no indication of problems. that being said I thought "fuel pump". Following the bently manual I removed the fuel pump relay and ran a jumper from pos.#30 to pos.#87 at the relay socket. Could not hear the fuel pump running. Checked voltage at plug on top of fuel pump [Pos.#4 neg, pos.#5 positive] and showed good 12.3v power on multi-meter. All things point to fuel pump so I removed it. On top of the fuel pump are poles marked - and + and sez 12v on side of pump. Hooked my 12v cordless drill battery to it and the pump worked. As it did not work according to the troubleshooting procedures lined out in the bently manual, could I still be looking at a bad pump? At $230 to $280 a pop for a new pump I would really like to make sure. Anybody else have the same experience? Any other ideas on things to check? HELP!!