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bmw 1990 525 Front Door Will Not Open

12-03-2008, 09:17 PM
i can not get the front door to open, or unlock.

i own a 1990 525 bmw. i bought the car used from a freind and the car seemed to be in great condtion. after several months of owning the car i started having problems with the car door lock.(air locks) they would not open, the sun roof, and windows would work on and off lots of malfunctions on these parts and then it would go away. i have torn apart the whole car including the breakers in the front and back, no problems. recently the car was fine and then now the front door will not open. from the front door or the passagner door(which works) it will un lock and lock all the doors except the drivers door. i have tryed doing the key over ride which has worked in re-setting the sunroof malfunction. but now the door just wnot open. i have a felling either a latch or motor on the inside of the door has malfunctioned. problem is i can not get into the door unless it is open.

is there a way of getting this door open? anything can help. sorry for the long intro but i thought that some info might direct my question better.

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12-04-2008, 07:46 AM
The window and sun roof problem sounds like a bad fusible link. If you did not replace it when you tore the car apart go ahead and do it now.

I do not know of any trick to release the door. If you have a wiring diagram you might be able to jumper into the wiring and release it (this wouldnt work if your actuator is broken). If that does not work you will probably have to tear off the inner door panel.
If anyone else has any ideas I would love to hear them (I'm sure skatenacha would too!).