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: ATL!!!! FS: Classy Fine Wood Trim (E46) Great Holiday Gift Idea!

12-04-2008, 03:32 AM
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, I present thee with a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your BMW E46 Sedan.

Here is a stunning example of Fine Wood Interior trim for your E46 Sedan. It is in very good condition. I could not find any scratches or anything on it.

It would be a great upgrade over that silly silver, black or cube trim that I see on other E46's. It compliments both Grey and Black leather interiors very nicely!!!

And, you can have this for the low low price of $75 shipped. OR $60 for local pickup! I think it is a very fair price! It is a considerable discount over the price for this stuff new($569.16).

This would make a great Christmas/Hannukah/Qwanza/Boxing Day/Festivus gift for your friends and or loved ones.

This will make their holiday WONDERFUL!!! Don't you want that!!! I know you do!!!

This set includes all 3 dash pieces, the shifter surround, front and rear door pieces.

So...tell your friends. Tell your family! Tell your boss! Tell everyone!



Thanks for shopping!!!


12-04-2008, 07:56 AM