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: removing headlight grille... need help

12-28-2008, 04:32 PM
hey, im a new member to this forum, just need some advice. I got an 89 535i, im trying to replace the passenger side headlight and headlight grille. I got the headlight out, but im having trouble getting the grille around it off. It looks like its attached on the bottom to a bracket that runs across the front of the car, so do i have to take the whole grille off? How can i get this thing off? any help would be appreciated

12-29-2008, 09:07 AM
Here try this;

1) Physically inspect the grill and it currrent plastic clips. Standing in front of the grill with the hood poped but not raised, you can see the two plastic clips on top of the kidney grill to metal chassis by the radiator..
Looking thru the chrome grill below, there are two clips that hook from bottom just below the lower end of the grill. The metal trim around the grill extends towards the left and right headlights ending just at the turn signals. Look between this trim and the bumper slit below the turn signal for two plastic tabs that hold it in place. You need to reach the clip in the MIDDLE of these two clips from the INSIDE behind the headlights. Use your hand for this, cos you will be blind and your fingers could feel what you are touching.

2) Unhook the top clips with your fingers, use a flat screw-driver with insulation tape on its tip and push down the lower clips thru the kidney grill., Then use a philips screw-driver (for 2 screws each side, 1/4 turn) and remove the plastic cover behind the headlights. Reach your hand into the back of the headlights while looking at the end of the trim by the
turn-signals to push the plastic tab down. Your hand should be positioned downwards so your first or middle finger can push the plastic clip DOWN!.
You can visually see that the clip is between the two supporting clips below the trim. It takes a few tries since your hand tends to reach into the bumper, just move it a little higher. Then Gently pull the trim out. The while grill with its integrated side trim will pop out in one piece. To re-install, just align the unit back and snap in the clips by pushing from the front until it clips. Wriggle the trim to make sure it is firm. Kidney grill centre snaps loudly into place. Easy.