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: DIY - Mobrige install

04-06-2009, 01:21 PM
So you finally decided to give in (like I did) and buy a Mobridge. So now you don't wanna spend another $200 getting it installed just because Mobridge was too lazy to include instructions??? Well you're in luck. Im gonna give you the lowdown on how to install this bad boy yourself. I didn't take any pictures during my install :mad: but will be hustlin pictures from other members (thanks Expo BMW) (hope nobody minds) and from what I can find online.

Tools needed:
Preferably a complete tool kit, but really just...
Phillips screwdriver.
Small star shaped screwdriver :dunno:
Small wrench
Old credit card or similar. NOTE: Do not use a new credit card as it will get damaged.

Let me start off by saying I did not need the bypass switch. This was confirmed by Tom at EAS. I don't know what it does, but I am out of warranty anyway so I don't care.
Above is the link to the general BMW instructions from Mobridge. It details how to switch the polarities.

Start off by removing the passenger a/c vent using the old credit card. It should slide right under the vent. Pry it up ever so slightly all around until you can reach under and pull it out. Don't pull to hard to soon, or you will just yank out the cover piece. Don't worry if you do , because you can snap it back on later.

Next use your small wrench to unscrew the small screw in the inside of the vent opening.

Then use the old credit card again to remove the vent under the display screen. It removes similarly to the passenger vent, but a lot easier. After that use the old cc again to remove the panel that was holding the vent. This is also easy.

Now if you look down on top of the a/c vent, you will see four star shaped screws. Use the small star shaped screwdriver to remove. Use the old cc to pry out the a/c vent and pull one side out first and remove the metal plate on top from that side of the vent. Do the other side like this also. After you remove the metal plate, the vent should be able to be removed easily. Don't forget to unhook the wire connecting the vent (you will see it in the back).

Now you can remove the wood trim panel. There are two other screws that you have to unscrew with the phillips, but you will see them easily (they are attached to metal in pic). Remove the wood panel being careful not to bang the shifter too hard.

Now unscrew the 5 screws holding the cd changer and panel on. Pull it out and disconnect the CD changer from the car (BMW Harness).

Now here is the tricky part. You must reverse the polarities on the BMW harness. The cords that are in 1 and 2 on the harness must be switched. I repeat they must be switched (See Link). Don't go pluggin it straight in cause it looks like a straight swap :eeps: I learned that out the hard way.

After doing that insert back into harness and the cords should stay put (the harness must hold them in somehow). Now connect your mobridge to that, hook up the ipod cord and the aux cord and run the wires to your car however you like. I ran the ipod cord through the MOST jumper cord opening but you can do whatever floats your aesthetic boat. I would test here to see if all is working like it should. Remember, your ipod has to be already charged to be recognized by the Moridge.

If all is good hook everything bak up in reverse order. The only issue is if you don't have the block off plate from BMW, then you will have either a big hole in your dash where the flappy CD changer was, or you can use your skills and remove the flappy cover from the CD changer (as I did) and connect it to the plate. It looks like you still have the CD changer installed but the open/close button wont work.

Any more help needed? Just ask.