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: Bimmers in the Great Whites-NH Climb to the

04-14-2009, 01:51 PM
Northeast Bimmerfesters' Trip to the Clouds.

'Festers, save Saturday June 13, we're heading for the Bimmering adventure of a lifetime.
We'll convoy through lake country, get some pics of our BMWs passing through century old (but strong!) Covered Bridges, and stage for an unforgettable climb to the summit of Mount Washington. We'll all meet for breakfast at The Tilton Diner in Tilton, NH and go over the plans one last time.
We're going to find out what 'Freude am Fahren' is all about, NH style: The Kancamagus Scenic Byway lies dead ahead. The "Kanc' snakes 35 miles through mountains and valleys of the White Mountain National Forest at an average elevation of 2900 feet. Dozens of twists, turns, hairpins, rises and dips will test your car's suspension, and your concentration while surrounded by spectacular scenery.
The Kanc winds up at the Conway Outlet Center where we'll be taking a short pit stop (bathrooms and shopping) before heading North to Pinkham Notch and the Mount Washington Auto Road. Although plenty wide and mostly paved this will not be an adventure for the faint of heart. There are no guard rails, not a single Jersey Barrier, just you and the mountain. And the valley floor over a thousand feet below.
There will be a photographer snapping a souvenir photo of your BMW rounding an uphill switchback with the mountain on one side and...nothing...on the other. We'll be having lunch at the Summit House (buy or bring) and have plenty of time to explore (it's kid safe-mostly). It is unlikely the wind will be like the day when it set a world record recorded velocity of over 230 mph right where we're parking.
It's all downhill from there, literally. Driving down can be even more um, interesting, than driving up. We'll then head North and West, skirting the Presidential Range and check out a few more sights along the way while passing through Crawford Notch and dipping South. After cutting through some back country we'll end up in Bartlett and jump onto a "secret" local road, Bear Notch Road. BN Road, which would itself be a major attraction if not for the Kanc, ends at the Kanc which we will now travel in reverse back to our dispersal point.
Total trip time, start to finish, is estimated at 8 hours. I'll be driving the route in May (can't now, it's still snowbound in sections), and will verify all roads and the schedule.
Each driver will receive an info packet with route maps when we meet. However I will post the route and schedule in late May so that anyone with a GPS can set waypoints if they wish. It won't be required though because the roads are all well marked and you will get maps with your itinerary.
This will be a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a day together with your fellow Bimmerfesters. You might even want to stay overnight into Sunday, but the convoy will say goodbye around 5pm on Saturday.
As I said, all the details will be posted late May. The trip date is set in stone, Saturday the 13th of June (the 21st is Father's Day).

Q. How many BMWs will there be?
A. For tactical reasons we're going to limit it to 12 confirmed cars with 5 more stand-bys as fill ins. If no one drops out then all 17 cars get to go.

Q. Will a cellphone work in the mountains?
A. Don't depend on it. Dead zones can be miles long.

Q. My baby doesn't do gravel. Will she be OK?
A. The only gravel we'll encounter will be sections of the Mt. W. Auto Road, but they are extremely hard packed and stones stay put. Additionally, the MWAR speed limit is 5 mph. Think that's too slow? You won't.

Q. I may have some fragile bladders along, will there be bathroom stops?
A. At least every two hours. NH generally has clean and convenient facilities. However, you might have the most acute need while ascending the MWAR, there are none until the top.

Q. Should I bring a camera?
A. Are you kidding?

Q. What about food?
A. Breakfast will be at the Tilton Diner, a NH highlight for bacon and eggs, pancakes, and all the bad stuff that tastes so good. Bring some snacks for the car (no chocolate, or crumb buns, take it from me). Lunch is going to be on top of Mt. Washington and if you don't bring a picnic there is simple but very edible food available.

Q. Will we be seeing the "Old Man of the Mountains"?
A. Yes and no. He jumped off the side of Franconia Notch a few years ago and now lies in a 5000 ton heap of gravel on the valley floor. Very sad.

Q. Why can't this be a Rally, TSD Trial, or other competition?
A. The fact is you'll have plenty enough to do keeping your BMW on the road. The scenery will be distraction enough.

Q. Is there an entry fee?
A. Nope, just meet your own expenses.

Q. Come on, no one does anything for nothing?
A. OK, how about a $20 donation to the Susan G Komen for the Cure Center? As you know, BMWNA was a long time very generous supporter of this charity but will no longer be able to do so. It would be fitting for us to help in any way we can.

Q. How about a swim?
A. The water in the White Mountains is 33F in June, or feels that way. Lake Winnipesaukee is less than a couple hours south of us and would be worth a Sunday visit on your own. The water at Weirs Beach gets into the low 80's sometimes!

Q. Gasoline?
A. Major branded stations will be along the way except for the Kanc where there will be nothing. Fill your tank before Tilton and you will have plenty left when we're done.

Q. Will my BMW make it up the MWAR?
A. The little old lady in the Suburban behind you will make sure you do. She can't turn around until the top.

Q. My BMW had an accident. Can I join you in my Honda Accord?
A. Sorry, no, this is an all BMW road trip.

Q. My BMW had an accident. Can I join you in my Ferarri 360?
A. Yes.

Q. I'm in! What do I do now?
A. PM me for a reservation and make sure I PM you back to confirm! I will post a current reservations list so you can see who else is coming.

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04-17-2009, 01:16 AM
This is going to be epic! I've driven the Kanc a few times, but my BMWs have never had the pleasure of earning the "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington" bumper sticker.

I'm in! Can't wait to meet you all. (or perhaps I have at Show'n'Shine or AutoX?)

Military protocol for such drives recommends Snickers, water/sports drinks, fruit and whole grain/nut granola bars to keep your senses alert and muscles ready for such a drive. And as much as we all love our Dunkin' Donuts coffee, it just makes you need to "go" quicker...don't bring 'em. :thumbdwn:

Mark "Stretch" Hanson

04-20-2009, 09:54 PM
Update: After one week we have...
Seven BMWs confirmed. Three wearing NH plates, three wearing MA plates and one sporting CT plates.
Two maybes who need to confirm at a later date understanding that it's first come first served.
One maybe who will be a definite if his ED car arrives in time.

In a week I'll post a few URL links which will give more info about some of our destinations. In the meantime here's a teaser.
Right now on the summit of Mt. Washingtom the temp. is 16.9F and the wind is 57.1 mph. We expect it to be balmier by June 13!

05-11-2009, 09:04 AM
I am interested in joining the drive up Mount Washington. I just join this group but I frequent bimmerforums. This is the place I saw your ride posted by viking328. I f you still have an opening let me know.