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: North Bay Caravan, Day 1 Pics

05-01-2009, 06:32 PM
BIMMERFEST X FTMFW!!!:buttrock:buttrock:buttrock

Left with the larkspur caravan at 5am sharp with only about 8 other cars. At our first stop in pleasonton, about 200 more showed up, and about 50 more in gilroy. Overall, a pretty damn good caravan if you ask me! I watched an E36 M3 race an 840ci up to ~150 and the M3 won! More carbon fiber than you can shake a stick at. Awesome cars, awesome people, awesome drive is all I can say!

Since I've already shot ~250 photos, Im just going to post a few until I have more time and energy to upload/post more.

Here you go!!!

First few of us right before some serious rides showed up.
Suns just starting to come up
Yellow 850csi anyone?
Identical Twins
Slammed 5 on borbets :drool:
Am I tripping or are these RS4 rims?
This car was no f'n joke
E39 :buttrock
BBS LMs=sex
Freeway takeover
Check out the stance of that same red M3, facking perfect!
continued in next post...

That's all for now, will update tomorrow!
PS- No pics yet, but at the In N' Out stop in nowheresville california a red HPF e46 m3 showed up :eek:! I will find it tomorrow at the show and take pictures for all you!

PPS- Outside my hotel room are JLevisW's e92 335 and e81 135, pics soon!

05-01-2009, 06:32 PM
850csi engine bay
BMW Individual E39 M5
My lowly 528 haha
Turbo 2002, OM NOM NOM NOM!
Kpip's new ride, fern green m3
Nak Nak
Turbo Widebody E36/E46 conversion M3
Alpine E39
Seandub's M3....
..... with green BBS
MINTIEST E30 M3 you will ever see ever, 55k miles, PERFECT!!!

05-01-2009, 09:09 PM
Keep it coming - this is eye candy for those that can not be there