View Full Version : Wanting to buy an F01 (740i- Cashmere Silver Metallic)

05-03-2009, 06:35 AM
Just went around looking for a car the other day and I stumbled upon 3 new F01s at the dealer (750i, 730d, and 740i). As I am in South Africa this is a really good opportunity for me to bag a cool new 7 (Launch models). Though I can't decide between the 740i and the 730d. I know the diesel variant isnt in offering within the USA, well neither is the I6 petrol. The 730d does give good performance though, 0-100 in 7.2 secs (which is amazing) with about 230 BHP, on the other hand, the 740i will do 0-100 in 5.9 secs with 325 BHP (it is quicker than an E65 745i and it's only a 3.0L). Both cars are fully loaded with options though the 740i does come with optional 20 inchers:thumbup:. I'm not too concerned about fuel economy, and I will probably not use it as often as my 650i. I want to replace my 4.8is (E53) Lemans Blue with this new 7. Though I am still in a tug of war between buying an X6 (xdrive 50i) which is silver on red (fully loaded) which is unique in it's own right and the 7. My main concern is the rate in which the 7 will depreciate (as seen with the previous 7 series). I bought my 745i in 2003 with 8,000 kms on the odo for about $69,000 and ended up selling it with 75,000 kms for only $24,000.:(