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: DIY - Dead pixels - real solution for peanuts

06-22-2009, 12:21 PM
Besides my beloved 1996 540i, I also own a E38 728i - and had suffered a lot from the dead pixels – both the speedo and the MID pixels died. Believe me, I tried a lot of stuff, before I found the best solution, which now I’d like to share.

I found several DIY manuals for this problem, but in my case it worked only for a few weeks, and the dead pixels came back. Now - after many home made experiments (I am an instrument cluster expert now :-) ) – I found, what the real problem is:

the rootcause of the problem is the ribbon cable which goes from the panel to the LCD

According to the free DIY instructions I found on the net I am supposed to remove the ribbon cable from the panel, and put it back and it will work. In my case it worked only for a few weeks, I guess because the 80% of the conductive part of the ribbon cable remained on the PCB pads when I removed it...

So I bought brand new ribbon cable for the MID and also for the speedo and replaced it. Now, beleive it or not, all the pixels are back!!! And the most important is, that it was months ago, and it still works!!!

The funny thing is, that these ribbon cables are bloody cheap, and are available on several places on the net: you can buy them on Ebay, or here: , and also on some Chinese websites. I bought mine on the link above, as this is at least a European manufacturer that I trust a bit more then the Chinese products…

I hope I just saved some time and money for you :D