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: 1982 320i suddenly won't start (help)

07-21-2009, 07:56 AM
Good morning.
My name is jp. I bought a used 1982 320-i. I love this car. It is a real joy to drive and it looks awesome. It looks as though I am going to get my first experience under this hood. I have only had it a month or so. It ran great and I had no problems with it,other than it is getting time for some clutch work. Anyway I drove it home and I can't seem to get it started again. It turns over fine, but just won't start (very frustrating) and yes it has gas. How do I check to make sure I am getting gas to the spark plugs and test to make sure I have a spark? What would be the logical process for getting my baby rolling again. Even the short time I drove it was all it took, I LOVE HER !
Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

07-25-2009, 03:45 PM
I recently had a similar problem. Prior to this break down did it ever have any hesitation or trouble starting?
Other things to check include:
Fuel Relay (my problem)
Fuel Pump
External pump (electric)
Internal pump (mechanical)
Spark plugs

there are two ways to check your fuel line but i would start at the pumps
take a volt meter to the back right side and check the pump while someone else starts it. its the longer cylinder that is more easily accessed.

I ended up dismantling the relay and found that a resistor was blown. Unfortunately i ordered a new pump and filter first. (Stupid)

Anyways good luck