: Car Cover

08-25-2009, 09:11 PM
Is anyone using a car cover for their F01/F02 when parked outside to protect against tree sap, bird droppings, rain, etc.? If so which did you choose and which would you recommend?

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08-26-2009, 04:15 AM
I bought the car cover that BMW sells for the 750li. My first car cover so do not have much to really compare it to. It fits well, you can padlock it so it can't be removed. It does have small holes so it "breathes." I put it on my car for a 14 day period I was away. Car was spotless when I put on cover, it was still clean 2 weeks later...not spotless. Was parked under trees and kept off tree sap and bird droppings. About what I expected.