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: DIY - E65/E66 Re-initialise the power windows

08-30-2009, 02:40 AM
This is how to re-initialise the power windows :

1) Start the Car.
2) Roll down the window all the way to the bottom on the "defective" window using that windows own button not the driver's one (the window wants to stop every xx inches, keep making it go down all the way)
3) Release the window switch
4) Push and hold down the switch for EXACTLY 17 seconds (17 SECONDS IS CRITICAL)
5) After 17 seconds immediatly pull and HOLD up the switch to roll the window up.
6) While still holding up the button, the window should travel all the way up to the top, then travel all the way down again , and finally all the way up once more.

After step 6 the window was functioning normally again.

04-10-2010, 02:28 AM
Here's the official instructions from BMW : :thumbup:


Following replacement of a power window motor or a door module and following every repair to the power window mechanical system, an initialization must be carried out. The initialization serves to adapt the anti-trapping protection to the power window system. The initialization procedure is divided into the functions standardization and learning the characteristic curve.

In the case of standardization, the mechanical end stops of the power window are learned.

In the case of learning the characteristic curve, the mechanical closing forces in the power window are recorded.

The initialization must always by run with the power window switch on each door!

Control procedure for initialization:

Press the window 'open' switch beyond the second switching position. When the window has reached the lower final position, operate the switch for at least 15 seconds but not longer than 25 seconds.

Then let go of the button and immediately pull the switch beyond the 'close window' position. Do not let go of the switch!

The window now moves into the top final position, stops, then moves to the lower final position, stops again and then moves back to the upper final position. The switch must be held in the ***8221;pulled beyond engaging point***8221; position during the entire procedure.

Once the window has reached the upper final position, the initialisation is complete.


It must be ensured that there is on-board supply voltage of at least 12 V during initialisation, otherwise initialisation of the power window is not possible.

The anti-trapping protection has no function during the entire initialization procedure.

Emergency operation

If there is no valid characteristic curve, the one-touch closing function is unavailable. If there is no standardization, the Automatic Open function is also disabled. In this case, the window only moves around 2 cm in the desired direction with each press of the button.