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: plan on getting a 740Li

09-16-2009, 06:14 AM

from mbworld and benzworld forums, i plan on moving to a 740Li, fully loaded except for dynamic xenons and rear lcd screens, and it only has 18 rims.

car has active steering, dynamic drive, back/side cameras, soft close doors, auto trunk, massaging/ventilated/heated front and rear individual luxury seats, rear and side sunblinds, 4zone a/c.

anything i should look out for?

choices are: cashmere on beige black combo with sport steering wheel, or silver on black, or metallic black on gray with "BMW Individual Headliner". im leaning with the metallic black though...and perhaps add 20 or 21 rims later.

09-16-2009, 11:24 PM
hey great choice

any black will look great on a bmw, but if you are a care freak and worried about scratches and dents it really shows on the black.
the silver on black sounds like the next best choice. i have a 740 with milano beige and veneto beige interior not bad as well.

looks like you got all the options you need.

you should take the dynamic xenons its really great
i dont have the rear entertainment but played around with one on my friends car. its amazing its like having the idrive system in the rear. im having second thoughts on not taking it.

and P S PUT THE 21 INCH RIMS NOW. dont wait for later. i also got 21 and looks freakin hot. i will try and post pics maybe that will change your mind.