: FS: TX SSR COMPs 18 X 9.5 E46 M3

10-09-2009, 06:14 AM

SSR COMPS 18 X 9.5. I am confident that they are 35mm. I don't even know if they (TireRack) offered anything else then (2003).

Not looking to ship.

Austin, TX

I bought them in 2003 for an e46 M3. I used them only at AutoX's. I drove them on the road for maybe 300 miles max. The last time they were used was 2004. I know some have had problems. I have looked over them, and they look great.

I have a set of wheel bolts (the ones that came with the wheels), I also have the 10mm spacer(2), but I haven't found that yet. If/When I do the buyer will get them too. They are not necessary, looks a little better with them on.

They have the BMW center caps.

There is one tiny scratch which you can see in photos.

I have an original M3 rear wheel in good shape that buyer can have too

More photos here:

If you are willing to pick them up, I can email more photos.

I am not looking to ship these, if they are still here after a while, I may end up offering to ship.

First $SOLD takes them. The tires are Kumho's, but they are old and shot.