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: slipping tranny

10-13-2009, 09:49 PM
Have a 1992 525i touring with a GM 4L30E tranny. It starting to slip at first start :,then runs ok. No dip stick. Should I just try to add more, as I seen discribed on other thread, or filter and fluid change, or does anyone know better?:confused:

10-14-2009, 08:26 AM
You can try to add fluid if it is low. More than likely unless you have a leak the fluid should not be low though. If the trans is slipping more than likely you are going to need to rebuild it. I just went through this with a car I bought for my son. His slipped in 2nd. I knew it had a trans issue when I bought it so it was expected to pull it and rebuild. I found a huge difference in prices so shop around. I had quotes from $900-4000 that was me pulling it! Most quotes were in the $1700-1900 range. I pulled it and took it to a shop where it was taken apart for inspection. They found a cracked cluth drum for 2nd gear. I ended up paying to replace some other parts for good measure and a full rebuild. Cost was $1400 out the door. Transmission removal wasn't to hard, but not for a novice! Let me know if you need more or want more info on this.