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first post, need advice on buying my first BMW

09-14-2003, 01:01 PM
After looking at many different cars, I have decided to get a BMW if I can ever sell my 79 vette. I love my vette, but something with a little more room would be very nice, and something a little more driveable. I've looked a lot on ebay and other sites to get a general price estimate on what I will be able to afford. When i go to buy one, I should have 13-14k to play with. With that I should be able to get a decent 96-98 328i right? The questions I have deal with what to look for in those years of the 328i; common problems, things that wear out and might need replaced soon, etc. I live in Colorado, so the market for BMW's might not be as large as say California or somewhere, so I might have to look hard for what i really want. A black/black would be very nice, but i would settle for black/grey or grey/black. Any advice you guys could give me on what to look for, some tips on how to get a good price on one, or anything else you think I should know when buying my first BMW would be greatly appreciated. thanks.