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10-26-2009, 12:08 AM
Excuse my igorance regarding this site..I am very new to all this! However, I want to be more knowledgeable about my beemer instead of taking some dealerships word for it! I posted a new thread under "new member introductions" forum?? Maybe I should have posted it here? If anyone see's it and realizes I've put it in the wrong place will you let me know? thanks for anything....Kelly

10-26-2009, 01:08 AM
"I am looking for any advice on something that happened to my '94 530i recently. I have not had any problems with this car since i purchased it over two years ago. I had a full inspection done on it two weeks ago and was given a good report. 8 a.m. About a week ago..I went to fill up at the gas station. Paid at the pump. When my tank was almost full-I ran inside to grab a cup of Jo-came back outside and the latch on the pump-nozzle was stuck and gas was spewing out everywhere! I had to dis-lodge it with a pen while getting doussed with fuel! Told the manager, for safety reasons. Then left. The car sat at home all day. Around six pm that night I went to run an errand and noticed my parking lot full of gas and I had less than a quarter tank left. I got up under the gas tank and noticed what looked like heavy condensation covering the majority of the tank. Now I am trying to figure out two things-One..is there any sort of "patch" that would temporarily fix the problem that would be impervious to gasoline? Or do I need to replace the entire tank?
And two...is this completely my fault for walking away from my car while fueling? or do you think the gas stations' faulty equipment is to blame? (it would have happened wether I was standing out there or not, right?) These tanks aren't cheap! I would appreciate any input from anyone on the matter. Thanks so much for anyone taking the time to read this! "

Epoxy putty will fix that if it is a hole in the tank. It can be gotten from any hardware store. It comes in a plastic tube and will look like clay. Best to do it when the tank is empty But in order to find the hole, (if it is not a seem or a gas line that is leaking) you need to have some gass in it.

From your description it sounds like it may not be as simple as a hole in the bottom of the tank. It may be the gas line coming from the fule pump at the top of the tank. I think you should inspect carefully for a hole in the bottom but if one can not be found, The tank will need to be dropped to determone the problem

If it is a seam or a crack, You may want to think about getting a gas tank from a junk yard and have a local mechanic install it if you can not do it yourself.


10-26-2009, 07:26 PM
Sounds as if the fuel is weeping through the tank. Try to take a few pics with a flash camera to see if your seams are rusted. I had just filled my tank when it gave up the ghost last week.

Anyway, after spending three days calling salvage yards and tank refurbishing shops, I bought POR-15, but ultimately decided to replace the tank ($425). Not wanting to mess with something flammable, I brought the car to my mechanic for the installation. The straps had to be replaced along with the purge line, but it was well worth the cost to have him do the work.

Good luck!