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: Need some more help regarding smartphone iphone intergration

10-29-2009, 11:23 PM
Ok so as anyone who is has been following my saga knows I just decided to take a 2010 750LI individual. Now the question I have is the car although loaded doesnt have smartphone integration. I have a IPhone 3g and an Ipod classic. The way I have always used these devices in my M6 has been the ipod classic in the glove box to the usb cable for music. The iphone has no music since my collection is too big for even the biggest iphone. So the Iphone is used really just as a smartphone. I wanted the smartphone integration so my iphone which is terrible on battery life would have a nice place to sit and charge while using the antenna on the car for better reception.

Ok so my questions

Can i still get a snap in adapter installed in the console even if its just for charging?

Can smartphone integration be installed by the dealer?

Will the external antenna still work if I can get get a snap in adapter?

If I can get an adapter then is the only thing I'm am losing the ability to control music that would be on the iphone through the car?

please any help would be appreciated?:)