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: 90 535i Locked Door issues AGAIN

11-06-2009, 07:24 AM
Wife had a very long day (16 hours) on new show Trauma as wardrobe worker.

Might have has a probable dead battery condition, but it is still possible she didn't. In any case, the door wouldn't open at 11 PM. Well, it seemed like everyone on transpo department had a BMW door lock story. One had a boss who locked himself inside listening to radio and fell asleep. Couldn't get OUT of car from inside***8230;.

Seems like nearly everyone gets referred to the page: http://www.bmwe34.net/E34main/Trouble/Locked.htm

We tried a few of these items over the phone, but one wiz with a lot of experience was able to airbag and jimmy open door with some difficulty. Used a box and got the car started. I didn't have to make the late night Treasure Island trip. And I owe the transpo department a good round for getting my wife back on the road.

Unfortunately, long production hours also drained the battery in my wife's brain. She shut off car, restarted it OK (!!!) and assumed all was well. I was just a second late from flying out the back door to stop her. She was out of car and locked it in record time - boy, was she tired. So at midnight with another long production day - for both of us ahead - I tried almost all of the tricks I could find on internet.

Why the emergency door lock procedures DON'T work is beyond me. Major design flaw***8230;.

I don't have a real proper jump box but a battery charger which I hooked up to one of the trunk lights - that the transpo team had also tried - after I metered it to detect any votage (Fluke 189). Nuttin. I hooked up charger, other light came on fine, but no luck for door locks.

Hooked it up to starter. No luck. Left it to charge overnight. No luck.

Wife says that the headlights were NOT left on to drain battery. I still have questions about if the battery was really dead, but I gotta go to my own long production day this morning. I've yet to see any door jimmying suggestions.

11-06-2009, 05:09 PM
There's been a few threads recently about battery issues. A problem with the fusible link seems to screw up the operations of the doors, windows and sunroof.

2. Fusible link under the hood (This applies to e34s with battery under the hood)

3. Fusible link under the back seat (This applies to e34s with battery under rear seat).

See link below for detailed info.



sorry, but I can't help you with jimmying techniques...

11-09-2009, 08:19 AM
One of these days, the manual dweebs will learn how to write real world instructions. If only I would live that long***8230;

Almost all of the manual and online instructions skipped across vital steps to make the procedure clear. On top of that, the illustration in the Bentley manual is backwards from the description. Since the car was home, waiting until daylight and a fresh approach might have helped.

Here is what I did:

1. On the USA model, I used the right-front passenger door. While pulling up on door latch I turned key clockwise (an archaic term from the pre-digital era) as if I was "locking" the door. The key turns past the normal 45 ***8212; from vertical ***8212; position to an alleged 110.

[This time I noticed that the internal lock plunger moved up. I did the step again and the plunger moved some more]

2. THE DOOR IS STILL NOT UNLOCKED. Even though the plunger is up leading one to believe that the door is unlocked, it's NOT.

3. Let go of the latch and turn key to the normal ***8212; counterclockwise ***8212; unlock position. You should feel some resistance.

4. Lift the handle. Open the door and thank God.

Now when you hook up the charger to the battery (if you leave it connected) the central locking should wake up and unlock all of the doors.

Unfortunately, for me, it appears that I still have central locking system issues. I'll try the fusible link items next.