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DIY- 06+ 750Li Factory D1S Bulb Upgrade

12-11-2009, 10:06 AM
Hey guys, I got around to doing mod #2 on my 750Li which was just replacing the D1S factory bulb temp with some 8k D1s bulbs from

WARNING: not responsible for any damage done to your car. Just sharing my experience

No pictures but i will write it out step by step. very straight forward and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Items needed: Flathead screwdriver, Philips head screw driver, flashlight (helpful) and obviously D1S bulbs of your color choice.

Step:1 I started on the driverside (it is much tighter than the passenger side)
Step 2: Unscrew the two philips screws holding in the airbox. Loosen the clamp on the hose. Now you will be able to pull the drivers side air box out. Giving you access to the headlight back
Step 3: pop the cover off (closest to the fender)

Step 4: gently turn the bulb back counter clockwise and remove

Step 5 unplug plug underneath the bulb

Step 6: There is a plastic clip around the factory bulb. Unclip this and simply apply it to the new bulb in the same position as you removed it from the original one

Step 7: gently put the new bulb in the same position on which you removed the old bulb and twist clockwise ( right)

Step 8: once the bulb is secure plug the base back in

Step 9: reinstall the backing light cover and reinstall the airbox same way as removing it

Passenger side-

I found that I did not need to remove the passenger side airbox and was able to carefully do this by squeezing my hand in

But follow the same steps for removal and installation of the bulb and/or the airbox

hope this helps guys. Im very spontaneous when i do mods and I was not planning on doing this therefore there are no pictures. Like i said any questions feel free to PM me.:thumbup: