: brakeing problems,

12-15-2009, 09:28 AM
Hi can any one help?

When i bought my 2002 530d m Sport manual, it had some "green stuff" brake pads and vented, drilled front discs ( Rotors)

the car drives very well,
I find that when braking the steering wheel wobbles from side to side a small amount. there is no decetable feed back from the brake pedal.
this does not affect the direction of the car, ie it does not pull to either side it brakes in a straight line no problem,

I had a good look at the pads and discs and they look pretty new.

as any one used " Green Stuff" products?
how can one investigate warped discs

could this be down to worn ball joints?

12-15-2009, 09:46 AM
Well just knowing that there are may off-brand sub-par quality drilled/slotted rotors that will warp just by you looking at them the wrong way, I would start there. EBC makes good stuff, though they can be somewhat harsh on rotors. EBC + subpar quality rotors....I think you get the point.

Just the regular Brembo/OEM blank vented (not drilled/slotted) rotors work the best, and last the longest. From there, there are many pad choices to pick from. Might also be a good idea to lift the car and check the suspension just in case though, however normally a worn suspension on these cars will result in the '55mph shimmy'.