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12-15-2009, 03:13 PM
Hey all.
A little bit of a problem here...
My 95, 525i won't start. Engine oil was 5 litres low after a long trip. I was unaware it was so hard on oil since I just aquired it recently. Does this low oil have anything to do with it not starting?
I already checked for power at the fuel pump. All ok. I checked crank sensor, all good.
What I am asking is, does the low oil sensor shut off fuel or ignition when oil level is too low? and if so, how to reset it.

Thanks Much

12-15-2009, 03:42 PM
SOOOOOO, when you hit the key, the engine turns over, but won't start. Have you checked for fuel at the fuel rail ?? have you tried usuing starting fluid to see if it will start ?? Check for spark ??

FIRST THING TO DO, is put oil in it.

12-15-2009, 06:11 PM
So let me get this straight, you essentially drove the car with NO oil in the car!? Didn't your low oil light come on!?

First off, add oil before you do ANYTHING! It holds 6 quarts (5.77 liters). When you try to start the car, does it actually spin, or does it not even do that? If I am being perfectly honest with you, it sounds like the engine is blown. After you add oil, take it to a shop, have them perform a compression check, because what likely happened is either the engine is seized (if it isn't spinning) or it wore through so much due to lack of oil that it isn't holding compression (meaning no start).

You will be DAMNED lucky if it is anything else. Please, just take it to a mechanic and seek help.

12-15-2009, 06:13 PM
will do...thanks