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: Beware BMW Store in Vancouver

12-17-2009, 09:59 PM
Last year I got my 03 X5 serviced in BMW store in Vancouver. After the Inspection II, the dealer told me that I have to replace my left C.V. boot because it was cracking. I followed the suggestion and got the left C.V. boot. After two days, the left shaft axle just broke down while I was driving in other city. As a result, I have to left my car on the street and got it tower to a local BMW dealer in Victoria BC. The mechanic in Victoria checked my car for two days and concluded that the Vancouver BMW did not install the shaft correctly. So it broke. The mechanic replaced a whole new left drive shaft for me and billed Vancouver BMW for all the costs. I did claim the cost of towering back from Vancouver BMW. Afterward, I always hear a clicking noise of my car. So I sent my car to Vancouver BMW and they concluded that
I need to replace control arms and drive arms of left and right side. I argued that the left control was damaged by the low quality job of the store and I filed a complaint letter to BMW Canada. Finally, the Vancouver BMW admitted to pay for left and right control arms and I have to pay for one of the drive arm. After replacing those parts, the noise still exists. I sent me car to check again. After 3 days, they told me that I have to replace the DSC units that will cost me 4000 CAD. My car now is only worth like 15000 and they want me to pay a third of my car. WTF. Also, they told me that they just guessed the noise is from the DSC unit. If it is not, they will refund me and check it again. They did refund me all the costs of control arms. My car was in good condition prior replacing C.V. boots. Cause their low quality job, my car and my life is ruined. I have send it to service constantly and I am so pissed off about what they had done.

12-30-2009, 08:20 PM
Sorry to hear of your bad experience, thanks for the heads up. While I can understand how frustrating and depressing it can be, it may be a tad sensationalist to say your life is ruined.

Your life would have been ruined if their repair had caused you to lose steering and plunge down an embankment killing your wife and children and paralyzing your dog... see, life could get worse. :)