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Any Ideas?

01-09-2010, 12:03 PM
So I finally found out the problem to my car, the fuel pump failed again, this has been the third one.. Thankfully it was under warranty.. Without fail though by the time I figured out this issue I had purchased a new car "I had to get to work somehow.... "

Well so with a tear in my eye I put a for sale sign on the old gal. I love this car so much. She's an 83 320i E21. Well two nights ago someone had the nerve to vandalize it as well as the two cars it was parked next to at an auto parts store.
She needed a new paint job in the first place, but there's now complimentary dings and dents, and here's the kicker.. I have to replace ALL the windows... "no joke" :( and the insurance wont cover it.

Not sure what I'm going to do, I can't really afford to do it right now, I've moved her to a friends house and wrapped the windows and put a car cover over her.
If anyone has ideas or wants her as is let me know. ?? I'm trying to locate a parts car, but at this point I just have a broken heart and stolen pride and a car that looks like its seen WAY better days..

*I can post pictures "once I figure out how" or answer questions just let me know.