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SIB 121508 and SIB 240508 - E65/66 with N62TU - Various Driveability Complaints

02-02-2010, 05:49 PM
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SI B12 15 08 and SI B 24 05 08

E65, E66 with N62TU - Various Driveability Complaints

E65, E66 (750i, 750iL) produced from 03/05 up to 09/07

Concerns about one or a combination of the following situations :

1) The engine has a rough idle, or the idle fluctuates on the initial cold start when the outside temperature exceeds 59F.

2) Creep speed bucking.

3) Drivetrain "clunks jerks" when reaccelerating at low speed ("load reversal").

4) The vehicle jerks when accelerating from a stop ("throttle calibration too aggressive"), or the vehicle does not accelerate smoothly from a stop ("brief delay and then lurches forward").

5) Shudder and/or noise and/or surge and/or hesitation from the transmission during a cold start operation.

6) Harsh 2-1, 3-2 downshifts when coming to a stop ("harsh jolt/bang felt while slowing down").

7) Harsh jolt felt when reaching the top of a hill, driving uphill ("felt like a harsh 1-2 up-shift").

8) The driveability complaints are intermittent and they are not easily reproducible in the workshop. No fault codes are stored in the DME or EGS control modules. Countermeasures from SI B12 27 05 ("N62TU Engine pinging & idle fluctuation") were performed without success.

Combination of the DME and EGS software.


On a customer complaint basis only, and when the problem description matches one of those listed above.........

Submit a PuMA case titled "750 Driveability Retrofit"

It is neccessary to perform a complete diagnosis first in order to eliminate the possibility of other "drivetrain" faults being overlooked (such as O2 sensor faults that are intermittent but "stored" the faults), I see this all the time and it makes me sick. Once all available resources and test plans have been exhausted, it is then turned over to the gods of BMWNA by way of PuMA. Praying ultimately May Allow us to repair or correct the situation, given that all the requirements have been performed correctly. What I meant by that is simply :
Imagine yourself being the technician. You run it for faults and found that there aren't any faults stored. 30 minutes had passed, you look for applicable S.I.B.'s if you knew what you were doing. But your main focus was to verify the situation because you have nothing to move further with (no drivetrain faults). You seek the foreman and roadtest the vehicle, both find that theres no problem. That's upsetting for the client, the tech gets nothing or a half hour claim for running a fault scan. Yes, that's better than assuming there are no faults because there are no warning lamps. That, I can prove and have came across on a daily basis. Specifically the oxygen sensor faults that is set during acceleration. The mixture is trying to "lean" out and as you attempt to accelerate by stepping on the pedal, it causes the confusion as I have explained once before. Until the DME decides that it is time to activate the warning lamp (programmed algorithms), we feel the abnormalities/symptoms. [i]