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: X5 Cell phone holder

10-12-2003, 06:28 PM
I am new here.. Sold the IS300 and got an X5

Just got done with my “cell phone holder”. Not wanting to sacrifice the dash; I decided to mount my cell phone to the left of the steering wheel. Granted, I don’t the factory features, but I get lots of phone calls (40-50 plus in a day) and the auto mute would be an annoyance to me. Lets face it, - not everyone calling me deserves the right to mute my radio… And anyway my phone is the v60P that has a voice activate 2-way speaker built in for voice mails and the occasional HF conversation. I personally use a headset to maintain better call quality for both parties.

The power cable is located in the AC vent, thus no messy power cords to clutter my dash or console. I still have full function of the AC vent. The cord runs under the dash, along (inside) the center console, and uses the 12v power supply for the rear cig lighter. Rather than splice into the wiring – I made a wire harness to support the car charger and the rear cig lighter. The harness ultimately created an auxiliary 12v receptacle that is hidden under the CD storage in the rear console.

I am big on not putting holes or splicing into wires - I am happy with the results.

Even thought I am new, I know threads without PICS suck.
Thanks for looking –