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: So whats a 1981 320i parked for 17 years worth?

02-17-2010, 07:58 AM
Hi all, I'm visiting over from the E46 and E39 boards, and with little experience of the older models am seeking some input. Trying to help out part of my extended family on the other side of the country. Unfortunately due to a death of the owner, not much is known about the car, but is an unusual situation. If the car were 3000 miles closer I'd just take it myself.

A California 1981 320i with 138K miles, auto trans, that has been parked in a garage and not run for at least 17 years. This is one of those unusual finds. Going by pictures car is filthy but seems to be (as would be expected) rust and mostly damage free. There is minor body damage on one side (looks like a light side swipe), but other side, front, rear all look perfect. Except for the one side looks like it would polish right up (a brown color).

Inside is an aftermarket radio and cracks on the top of the dashboard (common)? While I'm still researching, it seems as the car had mechanical problems when parked. Suppose it could be the timing belt or the trans. However I figure an unmolested rust free 2 door E21 would be of interest to the right person, even with a mechanical problem.

So what's it worth expecting the purchaser would have to come and flatbed it away?

03-26-2010, 05:20 PM
Get the Blue Book for a running car and SUBTRACT: The cost of body damage, tow, complete detail, replace all fluids, plugs, battery, filters, tires, and hope the heater core, and radiator are not rotted out or that the reason it was parked in the first place was it had a death rattle in the engine.

I wouldn't pay much.