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: Touch-up paint tips needed

04-01-2002, 01:10 PM
I scratched my car today while trying to put a metal shelf into my trunk. It left a deep, 4" long scratch. I want to avoid going to the body shop, so I bought touch up paint from the delear.

Does anyone have any tips for me.

Thanks in advance.

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04-01-2002, 01:21 PM
Try here:

If you have a Porter Cable, I think The HACK has some great additional tips to help hide the scratch.

04-01-2002, 03:36 PM
Read this thread:

This guy had a chunk of concrete fall on his car, the post results and his techniques were quite admirable. Unfortunately, the thread is a couple months old so his links to the before and after are broken...but you could not hardly tell in his after-pics that the accident had happened.

BradB: "First I hand polished the area with Finesse It. 4-5 applications. This removed most of the mars and scratches from the concrete damage. Then I used various backing pads (art erasors and 3M pads) behind 1500 grit and finally 2000 grit sandpaper. I removed the remaining sanding scratches with 3M Fine Cut Rubbing Compound and followed up with more FI. Finally I used Pinnacle Paint Cleaning Lotion to bring it up to a high gloss. The Audi is protected with Zaino so I used two coats of Z5 and two of ZFX (Z2). I used several foam applicators and microfiber towels along the way.

100% of the scratches and mars have been removed. Unfortunately there was still a VERY shallow ding about the size of my thumbprint. I was able to reduce it substantially by heating the surface with a heat gun then icing it with cubes from the freezer. I repeated this for about 20 minutes. (It's an old trick that sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.) It reduced in size to about 1/3 of my thumprint in size. I am probably the only one that notices the remaining ding in the roof. (I had to point it out to my wife.) I will either live with it or take it to Dent Wizard.

04-01-2002, 05:36 PM
Dang, sounds like he removed most of his clearcoat in the process too...